Partnership with GCI Print

LINKS has partnered with GCI for the last 5 years

Founder and Chairman: DR. H. JAMES GROEN

Jim Groen is the former President of Youth for Christ International, has served the Denver and International Communities since 1956.  Jim and his wife, Dottie, have lived in Denver since 1956.  Oversight for GCI is under the direction of 13 business and community leaders representing a variety of Evangelical Church backgrounds.  Global Connection International is a non-profit organization registered with the Internal Revenue service.

What We Do

Undertake responsible evangelism efforts in hard to reach places

Host Strategic Outreach Events using sports, music, or cultural programs designed to open the doors to the world’s most difficult places

Engage in pre-evangelism activities in restricted nations through Ministries of Mercy (Medical and humanitarian aid programs)

Engage in activities that will build unity in the body of Christ

Conduct Leadership Empowerment Conferences in off shore locations using culturally relevant curriculum

Establish micro-finance loan programs to teach dignity and self-reliance, helping indigenous leaders succeed in their own economies

Sponsor leadership and outreach events, and Professional dinners for business, medical and political leaders to introduce the message of Christ.