Why does LINKS exist? Print

For the purpose of spreading the Gospel. The purpose of LINKS is to bring national Christian Publishers in Central and Eastern Europe to a place of self sufficiency and independence and connect them to publishers around the world.

How will this be achieved?

By focusing on the following three main areas:


We bring publishers in Eastern Europe to an awareness of their need for working together as an industry in order to survive financially. At the same time this shows Christian unity and demonstrates by example, the value of working together.


We provide a platform for established Christian Publishers to pass on their expertise to those in places where publishing is still developing. This is done through training and one-on-one assistance. At the same time, providing advanced training for those who need it.


We create opportunities for relationship building within each country and with publishers across Eastern Europe. By building on the present base of seminars, publisher association development and by making people and products known to every publishing company, more books will be produced and placed in the hands of needy people.