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‘Literature In New’ KontextS (LINKS)

Is involved in providing training to Christian publishers across Eastern and Central Europe. People began publishing as a call from the Lord, often in the basement of their homes, but have never had the training. Now these same people are leading publishing houses and producing great literature which is impacting their nations. We are partnering with them to provide relevant training which will build the final bridge to their stable independence. We endeavor to build bridges between fellow publishers in their country, along with building an awareness of the situation in these countries to the established Christian publishing world. To do this we would like to ask you to partner with us in two ways:
firstly by praying with us for these people and nations
secondly to help sponsor the km’s/miles which ‘LINKS’ travels to provide training for Eastern and Central Europe. Last year LINKS traveled approximately 60,000 miles providing training events or one on one encouragement and teaching. You can sponsor 1 km/mile by providing $1 a mile or 100 miles by providing $100 to .
Global Connection International
9250 East Costilla Avenue, Suit 600
Greenwood Village, CO 80112

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We want to thank you for being part of what God is doing in Eastern and Central Europe.

Rick Iles

What the people are saying

“I have been studying business, marketing and publishing for some years now in University and over the last two days I feel like I have learnt more than ever before. Being able to ask the questions that did not make sense and seeing how all these things fit together has been so beneficial to me”.

“It was really helpful because you are engaged in the work and sharing from things which you have found relevant” Dany Gentcheva

“The conference helped me to find the area I can be useful in and I came away feeling motivated and full of ideas” said Poly Stoichnova.

‘I knew some publishing houses and had contact in the early years, but through these conferences these people have become my friends and I can trust them’

John van Diest told us ‘the team of leaders were a big help to the Romanians in areas of information and motivation, and at the same time it gave me a burden for Eastern Europe, particularly for Romania’.

‘Bob Clark’s session on Coaching/Mentoring was something that was useful not only for our publishing houses, but I can apply this to my private life, and so it was a double blessing’

. Daniel Chis shared; ‘I felt that we really needed someone from outside Romania to help set the deadlines and some direction for beginning the Association. Rick has helped us in this.’

John van Diest’s parting challenge to the Bulgarian writers was; “Don’t forget – the best books are still to be written!”

‘I came away with a better understanding of the needs of the Publishers, but more blessed was my coming away with new friends’, said Don Jacobson,

‘We have many of the same problems and successes and we can help one another because now we can ask each other as friends, not as competitors,’ she shared.

Being together and building relationships face to face is so important in the work.