Adobe training Ukraine May 2012

adobeThe Ukrainian Publishers Association has been great to work with in organising this year’s ‘Adobe training event’ from LINKS. We were pleased to see 18 participants attend the event held in Kiev, Ukraine from the 29 May-1 June 2012. Of course it made it even more interesting having people come down from St Petersburg, Russia and others come up from Romania and Bulgaria to join the Ukrainians and of course to have the Swiss Adobe guys come to train us yet again was a real gift. The trainers and participants arrived on Tuesday and we started with dinner and introductions and then moved onto the instillation of materials and the programmes ready for the seminars to begin the following morning. Dimitri shared after the first day of training, that it had helped him to understand so much more of how the programmes can be used and work, which has given him a bigger understanding as to what to tell those he is out sourcing the work to and also to make sure that he is not being overcharged. Lena, who heads up the


Ukrainian publishers association, shared that the two which had come from Lviv (Lvov) to the event were so impressed with the training that they were receiving after the second day they called their boss thanking him for sending them to this event, as they were receiving such valuable input which they will be able to use in their daily workplace. This year the Swiss trainers introduced a section on digital publishing and how to make your book into an e-book or app, which for their countries is in the beginning stages, therefore providing them with the skills to become market leaders in this area for their nation. The participants also enjoyed learning how to edit their photo’s in a more systematic way, which speeds up the process of getting top quality pictures, but nothing surpasses the simple enjoyment of getting to know others in the same line of work across the country and abroad and learning new things together from top trainers.