Ukrainian Publishers Conference Reports October 2011

It was a first time for LINKS to work together with the Ukrainian Publishers Association and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Getting to know the publishers and hearing what is happening across the country is always exciting. Because we combined the publishers training event with a Marketsquare event, they invited some key contacts of theirs who came from Poland, White Russia and Russia. The mix of people was great. It was good to work alongside Bob Clark from Excel Communications, Jim Elwell from Tyndale House and his wife Ellen, along with Kim Pettit from Marketsquare and Catherine Whitehead from Riggins International Rights Services Inc. They provided some great seminars covering the topics which the Association had requested and we all worked well together.

Shortly after the conference I received an email from one of the Russian participants saying that she had translated the power point which Bob Clark had given on ‘personality types’ and re-taught it to the staff in her office, my spine tingled with excitement. That is the gift of training one person, who then in their excitement passes it on to another.

After giving a seminar on finances I had one of the young man come to me the following morning saying that he had been up till the early hours of the morning using the sheets which I had given out and working through all that I taught them trying to understand it. He explained that he had heard these things a number of times before, but never really understood how to put it into practise for his own company. He felt the way I explained these things was logical, simple enough and just how he could follow it, in order to grasp it. I saw him a week later in Frankfurt at the Book fair where he told me he was able to get most of his company’s financial figures onto the spread sheets which I had given him as examples and was now able for the first time to see exactly where they were as a company financially. It was not only him that was excited!

When asked what was the most helpful things participants learnt over the days it was clear that Jim’s seminars came across with contrete and useable information on how a publishing house is structured and works. People were encouraged by simply having time together getting to know other publishers and how they are progressing in their countries. It confirmed to some that they are developing in the right direction and to keep pressing on, along with seeing where they actually are in their publishing house.

It was a profitable time of learning together.