Bulgaria Adobe training 2011



Making changes is never easy and yet often it is important. We decided to change the Adobe training event, which we have run in Romania for the past 5 years to do it in Bulgaria. In the last few years a number of Bulgarians have attended the training in Romania and we felt it was time to bless their nation with the excellent training, which the Swiss trainers provide. The Bulgarians and myself worked hard to get the word out across the country. We found a hotel in Sofia to host the training and things slowly came together. I was somewhat discouraged as we began to see only 4 people take the time to come along. I needed to be reminded that numbers are not important in God’s eyes, but a heart that is ready to do what it is asked to do and then to leave the rest to God. In actual fact the smaller group was really great as we had nearly one-on-one training and people could have answers to the exact questions which they faced in using the programs. The opportunity to get to know each person that came along and understand what they were involved in was ideal for the trainers and myself. The training went well and those that came benefitted incredibly. It was also exciting for the trainers to visit Bulgaria and get to know what God is doing across this country.