Romanian Adobe training 2010



The training event this year was attended by fewer people than previous years. Instead of this taking away from the event, it actually enhanced it by providing more individualised training. The participants were able to bring up issues and have the trainers input on these things which they were struggling with in their working situations, providing answers and training on these specific things for them.

It was great to have two of the Swiss trainers return again this year to teach those that attended the training event. For the first time Adi, who has attended these training events since we began in 2006, trained those that were beginners together with Simon from EAST. He enjoyed this challenge, but in the midst of these days, the schedule was designed so he was also able to attend some of the advanced sessions by the Swiss trainers to continue to develop his own skills.


Napsugar registered for the training event with little knowledge of Adobe Indesign, but with the idea of looking into changing their present layout programme over to Adobe Indesign. Over the course of these 4 days she not only got to know the programme, but also was able to layout the next issue of their magazine. She left with a template for future issues along with the knowledge of how to use this programme and a finished product in her hand. It was a profitable time for her and motivated her tremendously.

Darius was just thrilled after one session he had been through. He explained to me that someone had previously taught him how to produce a certain effect for his photo editing and it decreased the time it took him down to three hours, ‘but in the session today I learnt how to do it even quicker and have practiced it enough that I am able to manage it in just a few minutes. This kind of training is so beneficial and these guys that teach us are a great blessing to us’.

A number of the participants said ‘I liked the fact that after the training sessions we could speak and interact together and the trainers were friendly.  Thank you for your time, we have appreciated it’!

When talking with the Swiss guys who do this type of training all year round, they shared ‘the inspiring thing for them is that each of the participants are so motivated and excited about learning and gaining from this training that they can’t get enough of it. This enthusiasm for learning thrills our hearts’.

The days together went by so fast and we all left having gained knowledge and deeper friendships with one another, along with being better equipped for the work each is doing in their country.