Passing it on

The 10th-13th May 2010 proved to be profitable days for a group of business people from Romania as they sat together gleaning from the knowledge and experience of a number of speakers. Jim Elwell, Director of International Publishing for Tyndale house Publishers and his wife Ellen, joined us from the USA.  Mirela DeLong from Editura Logos, Marcela Ciortan a tax consultant/lawyer from Oradea, along with Claudia Banghea from Editura Consensus, helped make this years’ Publisher conference a great success. As always the time spent together continuing to build relationships with each other was beyond value and they all decided that they want to make this training opportunity better known across the country so more people can benefit from it. Lets dream for even more in the future.


For some it was the teaching on ‘balancing family and work’ which Jim shared, that was of greatest value. “Jim’s sessions were filled with good material which was presented well and the time management was especially useful, inspiring and practical for me. He had some smart ideas which I appreciated and helped me think through balancing family and work better”. For others it was the time spent with the tax consultant/lawyer.
“It was brilliant having this opportunity to ask questions and have her teaching. There was so much information it was difficult to cover and then understand it all too, but so very helpful to us all” said one participant. Ellen encouraged the group with her devotional time “I was reminded that God will supply all our needs both in our family and in our work situations” said another. “Mirela brought across the 22 laws of branding giving a clear and good understanding of our company’s image and how to best present that”, which was very helpful to me said one participant, while “Cornelia presented ideas on how to get people behind our books”. We all benefitted.


It was Claudia and Rebecca’s comments that I feel summed things up well for our time together.  “I was reminded that I need to have a mission in life and then I can set about what I do, working towards fulfilling it”. “I saw I need to put more passion into my work, praying for it and pressing on even when things are hard, knowing there is a purpose in all I do”. It has been encouraging for me to see the way the publishing houses have grown over the years. I watched many of them as they formed and have seen them grow to what they are today. This has been an incredible privilege and now to see that some of them are ready to begin passing on the knowledge and experience which they have gained over the years, to other is exactly what we have been aiming for in LINKS.