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The 4th Adobe training event was held just outside of Oradea, Romania at the end of September 2009. We were 22 participants, along with the trainers. The mornings began with different ones sharing what type of work they were involved in and praying for them. This gave us all a better understanding of what is happening in different areas across Romania, Bulgaria and further afield.

We then divided into 3 different levels of teaching so that people could begin from a place where they understood the programmes and could build on them. As the week progressed we added sessions in the evening, so people could attend all the sessions on each programme/subject. ImageDani from Ulrich Media shared ‘I had to shift one of my sessions to the evening and I expected 2 people to attend but 7 came. It was astonishing to see how they wanted to learn.  We started at 7pm and finished at 10pm, but they could have gone on for much longer. They wanted to divide themselves to go to every session, so that they could learn as much as possible. It was great to see their heart in learning and I realised they didn’t learn to be better than someone else, but to simply do a better job in what they are doing’.

It was encouraging to see people like Adrian who has attended all four events, learning and encouraging others during the training. ‘Haeme’s sessions on InDesign was the one I enjoyed the most’, he shared with excitement. ‘Many times when I get back to work or visit with friends doing the same kind of work, I am so excited that I can’t help but show them some of the things I have been learning’.

ImageOthers like Daniel came for the first time. ‘In this global training event I met Christians in the same work, but from others parts of Romania and the world. I saw professionals teaching others and breaking language barriers that separate us at times. It inspired me to build the same connection between students and teachers that we enjoyed at the event, with the students that I teach’.

We are so thankful to have trainers come from Ulrich Media and Print2media to pass their experience and knowledge on to those in Eastern Europe. ‘The amazing thing that I see at these conferences is that the participants are crazily motivated to learn. As a trainer I do not always see this and it is encouraging for each of us’, explained Haeme from Ulrich Media. Peter and Roger, from Print2media, experienced the friendliness of the people. Peter was amazed one morning when he was presented by a participant with what he had been practising during the night, as this was what Peter had taught him the day before. The motivation to learn really stood out.Image

What stood out again this year for the participants was the encouragement of being together and learning as a bigger body of people that are doing a similar work. The other thing which Stefan noticed was the deeper bond and acceptance between nations. ‘It was really great to be together as Romanians, Bulgarians, Hungarian Romanians, Swiss and beyond, and the bond between us all was a special miracle for this region’.

It was a profitable time together and we are all looking forward to next year’s training.

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Rick Iles, LINKS