‘Dare to Build’ training event in Czech Republic May 2009


The training time in Czech Republic was a little different than first planned, but was still a valuable time together. Unfortunately numbers were low, but we saw participants from the three main publishing houses attending. We tailored the schedule to the needs of those attending and had a full day and a half of training, with the second afternoon being spent visiting these three publishers working one on one with them. Bob Clark from ‘Excel Communications’, felt ‘compared to last year there seemed be a depth in the things we discussed and in the interaction, with many things we learnt last year having been put into action’.

ImageIt was great to have Kent Wilson and Bob Clark as our international speakers, along with Markéta Pytlíková as our national speaker. She shared ‘As a speaker I really enjoyed the possibility to discuss openly my topic with others, as it gave me the chance to know their opinions and thoughts’.

All brought subjects which were relevant and appreciated by the group. Kent Wilson, Former Executive publisher of ‘Nav Press publishing’, was very positive about his time in Czech and shared ‘There was a level of maturity and experience among the publishers that attended, that was refreshing to me.  I knew that they had already developed in their business and publishing skills over the years. I felt the publishers that attended were the most experienced, creative and entrepreneurial of all the Christian publisher in that country, which made the teaching environment for me all the more interesting and exciting’.

ImageAs we entered ‘Navrat publishing’ for some one  on  one training, we were encourage to find that Pavel, who had attended the training time, was part way through sharing what he had been taught, with his Boss. They were discussing ways they could use the materials in their publishing house which he had learnt. How encouraging to see things already being put into practise.

ImageWe all appreciated visiting each of the publishing houses for one on one time. For Kent and Bob it gave a picture of where each of the publishing houses is at this time, along with their economical situation and working environment. Lubomir from ‘KMS publishing’ stated that he appreciated very much being able to have the one on one time spent with his publishing house, as he was able to personally discuss some of the issues they are walking through. He appreciated what Kent and Bob could speak into their situation, helping them to move forward in publishing for Czech.

Having time to interact as Christian publishers and build relationships is so important, but also being able to talk and learn from people involved in publishing in other countries is a blessing. Markéta expressed the value of this when she said ‘I appreciate being able to meet experts at the training event and learn from them, as well as to meeting fellow Czech publishers and sharing ideas and experiences with them. It's always very inspiring and encouraging to me’.

I am very thankful for those that came to train, along with those that made it possible through prayer and finances. The investment made to these publishers in Czech can only be seen in the years ahead, so let’s wait expectantly.