‘Dare to Share’ training event in Romania May 2009


It was good to be with the Romanian publishers for the 6th training event held in Oradea, Romania. The numbers for this year were down somewhat, with a core group of around 15. These were publishers who have attended for a number of years, a few new participants and a few who came and went through the days. Bob Clark, who has taught each year, could clearly see that the Romanian publishers were more open and a spirit of wanting to co-operate and discuss things was much more prevalent this year.

ImageI was encouraged to see 3 Romanians take teaching sessions and the teaching they gave was of a high quality and much appreciated. There was also more time allotted for the Romanians to discuss issues relevant to themselves as publishers, which is a growing need.

History was certainly made this year with the Romanian publishers association being legally formed on 2nd April 2009. The association will take on more organisational responsibilities for these training events and eventually LINKS will no longer be needed.

ImageFor the second year we have displayed a book table featuring the latest titles and catalogues from different publishers to browse through. Participants found this very helpful and the catalogues were scooped up.

I was thankful to have both Bob Clark from ‘Excel Communications’ and Kent Wilson, former executive publisher of ‘Nav Press publishing’, as our International speakers teaching from their wealth of knowledge and experience. Kent presented his seminars in such a way that they were relevant and culturally adaptable for the publishers to understand and bring into their business situations. Many gleaned further in break times from his experience. It was obvious from what Vasile Gabrian shared, that his input was invaluable and much appreciated. “Even though we’ve heard for a number of year the importance of financial planning and book budgeting in publishing, the way Kent presented it to us this year, was in such a way that I was able to grasp the concept and really understand the message”.

ImageKent shared “I had the privilege of participating in the LINKS training event and found it to be well organised and the participants to be very interactive and interested in the publishing training that we were offering. Rick had a wonderful relationship with all of the publishers and was able to give me an orientation as to their challenges and particular size and opportunities, because he has been working with them for so long. There was a level of maturity and experience among the publishers that attended, that was refreshing to me. I felt as though I was talking to the cream of the crop. I think the biggest privilege was knowing the training I gave was a part of something much bigger, a relationship which has been going on for a number of years. My contribution was important because it was a part of something that Rick and other trainers have been building for a long time”.

ImageThere have certainly been steps of progress made and we are experiencing the fruit of what people have invested into the publishers of Romania. Cornelia Banghea’s words and Kent’s question explain it so well. “I could see a great change in the dynamics of the relationships between the Romanian publishers this year. They really started to share and I feel that they have come close to the image that I had in my mind of what Christian publishers would be like, when I attended my first training event in 2007.”  Kent asked Vasile Gabrian ‘To what do you attribute your success as a publisher?’ his prompt response was humbling...‘to Rick and Bob and their passion to inspire us to excel to be best we can be, through the yearly training events and one on one times together.’

LINKS wants to thank those that have taught over the years, along with those that have given to make these events possible. Your investment has certainly helped many Christian publishers to develop and strive for their goal of reaching Romania with quality Christian literature. Please contact us if you are ready to invest in exciting things in this area.