Dare to Advance Print

With hearts so eager to learn and great speakers we were set for a profitable time together at this year’s annual Romanian Christian Publisher’s conference just outside Cluj, Romania. We saw 24 participants representing 14 publishing houses at the "Dare to Advance" conference and enjoyed nearly four days of learning together.

Again we were so blessed by the speakers whom God provided this year, and as usual they brought God’s perspective on global Christian publishing. The speakers were encouraged to see and understand more of the publishing world in Romania, and the Romanians were blessed by being together again, building on national relationships, and receiving the experienced teaching and encouragement from the speakers. Another of God’s typical win, win situations.

Don Jacobson, former President of Multnomah, shared; ‘It was good for me to realise they’ve only been established since 1990, as I had imagined they were developed and moving on. When I considered this I was amazed at the remarkable gains they have made in this short time and their eagerness and entrepreneurial spirit is amazing. Their hunger for financial tools, understanding of copyrights etc is great, showing clearly their desire to do things right and with integrity. Inspirational.

I came away with a better understanding of the needs of the Publishers, but more blessed was my coming away with new friends.

I was challenged with the fact that the experience and tools that we have can be brought to help these people really get going in spreading the gospel across their land. We need to get involved. I smiled at myself, as I thought I was doing a friend a favour filling in for him in coming to speak, now I can’t imagine not coming back here and doing this again’.

There was a good amount of time to talk over the forming of the Romanian publisher’s association and all agreed to the statutes and the way forward. Three people were elected to register the organisation and begin formally. It was a great step forward for them all.

The balance of publishing being both business and ministry was brought across and blessed so many. Agnes shared again with us; ‘I knew some publishing houses and had contact in the early years, but through these conferences these people have become my friends and I can trust them’. There is understandable competition, but the fellowship together is so important in helping us work more together. ‘We have many of the same problems and successes and we can help one another because now we can ask each other as friends, not as competitors,’ she shared. Being together and building relationships face to face is so important in the work.

‘It was interesting to learn about different personality types and working together, but it was so helpful to have the seminars on Marketing Stratergies, Business plans and copyrights;’ said one participant. Manfred Dressel, a Christian business consultant from Austria, spoke again on making a business plan work and was able to meet on a one to one basis to work with people in this. Lucian shared; ‘I learned how to do a business plan and I learned how to apply it. In Romania we’ve never done this before’. Having the time to do it together was very helpful.

‘I’m glad that you didn’t separate this Christian conference from the Word of God. It is important to be reminded that every day we represent through our work in our publishing houses, our Father in heaven. We must keep that in mind and you have helped us a lot through your own testimonies’. Keeping the goal of sharing the gospel and our own hearts in the right place is so important.

It was encouraging to have Gabriel and Cornelia join us this year. They are about to set up a publishing house and were so excited that the Lord had provided the conference ‘just for them’, soaking up everything like sponges. Cornelia shared; ‘I had been searching the Internet for about 4 months to gain any sort of publishing knowledge from a Christian perspective. What I learned here in these days has been so valuable, as it would have taken me 6 months to gather this kind of information without having the conference.’

Bob Clark from CCMI stated; ‘It was a great time together and the topics were relevant, building on the good foundation of the last years’.

We are so thankful for all that God did over the days and everyone left with information to put into practice in their businesses, along with relationships being deepened between us all.