Bulgarian Publisher Training 2006 Print

Bulgarian Publisher Training 2006

As I stood to welcome Publishers at the recent two day training event in Bulgaria I was surprised to see as many young adults as middle aged. I was curious as to what attracted the young adults to this two day training event, while at the same time thrilled to see the next generation sitting before us. It was a real challenge for Doug Ross (USA), Grozdan Stoevski (BG) and myself to bring information which was relevant to both groups and at the same time motivating them to work hand in hand together using the gifts of each other for the future.

During our time together I asked some of the younger ones what attracted them to come. They shared of seeking to see if the Publishing industry is something they want to get involved in the future. One young woman said"I have been studying business, marketing and publishing for some years now in University and over the last two days I feel like I have learnt more than ever before. Being able to ask the questions that did not make sense and seeing how all these things fit together has been so beneficial to me".

It was also very good to see two Macedonians come to join us for the second day. The language is very similar and neighbours Bulgaria, which made it realistic to come. "I appreciated our time together and felt like I learned a lot. I found the teaching on ‘Engaging the Church’ was personally helpful, but for the business side of things, hearing more on ‘Networking’ was very relevant. The need of personal contact with others in the industry was a great encouragement. Even though we could not attend both days, it was well worth the time, effort and finances it took to be here joining in."

We have found getting people in the same industry together has such positive effect. Many times they can teach each other better than we can, but simply being together and having someone outside challenge them is very effective. Ruman Paprotilov from New Man shared "It was a joy to get together and be with friends. I enjoyed seeing several young people we know, come along to the training and I am challenged to work at getting them involved in the future. It was good to see how I can motivate myself and others using the Proverbs".

It was great to have Grozdan from Bulgaria teaching on the marketing and he focused things on his country. Doug Ross shared across the board with topics on leadership, conflict, selecting books for publishing and engaging the church. All subjects that were relevant to the group. "It was really helpful because you are engaged in the work and sharing from things which you have found relevant" Dany Gentcheva told us.

I gave seminars on networking with one another along with business training, as it is our heart to see people working more together in these nations in order to see great literature get into the hands of people and change lives. I felt like it was a good time together. There were less people than we had expected, but the group was really motivated and interested. "The conference helped me to find the area I can be useful in and I came away feeling motivated and full of ideas" said Poly Stoichnova.

As we brought things to a close Doug Ross shared of his involvement in helping Pastors in Communist Cuba. He challenged the group as people that have come out of communism, to give toward helping those in a country that is still Communist. He presented to them a project to provide a basic resource library with relevant books along with electronic Bible software for pastors. How encouraged we all were to find around 200 USD given toward the project and to be a part of building into the future of those in a different place.