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Adobe Training 2007

How do you get three highly qualified Swiss Adobe trainers to give up a week’s time and income to travel to Romania and lavish their expertise on a group of 15 East Europeans? Our only explana­tion is that God pre­pared their heart’s, asking them to give a week a year to missions, and they are motivated by the Romanian’s excitement to learn once there. Roger shared ‘It was unbeleiveable how the people processed the informa­tion and desired to learn. As we ended our time I won­dered with excitement what will come out of this, and I am excited about doing this next year’.

Last year’s Adobe training conference in Romania was so worthwhile that three of the participants made it a priority to return this year for further training. Mean­while they bragged about all they’d learnt, that quite a number heard about it and the numbers doubled for this year’s conference, which was great. Nothing like ‘word of mouth’ advertising-inexpensive and reason­ably reliable! It was these three people that were a particular encouragement to Haeme, one of the train­ers from Switzerland, ‘ I was amazed to see how far on these people are now in using the programme, and it was exciting to continue to build on what we had done last year. As a teacher, it gave me reassurance that our teaching understood, they learnt something and applied it in their work’.

It was encouraging to see 3 people involved in pub­lishing in neighbouring Bulgaria, take the 17hr train ride to join us in Cluj Romania, for this year’s training. Hopefully we can see this grow even wider next year. Rouman, from Bulgaria, was quick to in­form us ‘it was all worthwhile and my expectations of good training to help me in my future work, was received in abundance. I learnt so many useful things, which will take me to a new level in my publishing ministry in Bulgaria. It was so encouraging to meet brothers and sisters in the same situation as myself, as I work alone in publishing, so the fellowship was a real treat. I look forward to com­ing again next year if the possibility is available, but this time I will take some friends with me of course. How could I let them miss out on such a great training opportunity.’

We divided into InDesign and Photoshop groups so the trainers could concentrate more on the specifics of each programme. After two days then the groups swapped to learn the other programme, with a few dividing into a third group that was more advanced in InDesign training. It was a really profitable time to­gether, with a programme that seemed to be extended most evenings by the nationals who had more ques­tions. Cluj seemed to be a very central place for most nationals to get to and the conference site was very hospitable.

Adrian, who attended last year’s training, said ‘It was wonderful to come again this year, and I learnt new stuff which I needed for my job. The guys taught us new things from the CS3 programme that I will be using’. It provided such training for these nationals is tru­ly a great gift to them and we are so thankful for how God has arranged all these things. Milena, who is reasonably new in publishing shared, ‘Iit was not only help to have the InDesigns and Pho­toshop training, but it was also beneficial for me to be with other people that work in the same type of job because we could share the same questions, difficul­ties etc. This is the way we can help ourselves and brings a double benefit’.

We found it a complete success and are looking for­ward to next year’s event in Sept/Oct 2008.