Adobe 2006 Print

An adventure

New things are exciting for most of us, but it is not till the end of the adventure that we see how exciting it really was! Five Swiss arrived in Bucharest, Romania not knowing fully what was ahead, but with hearts that wanted to see God use them. ‘It all began with the journey to Romania and the drive from the airport to Brasov. With having a flat tyre we realised that all was in God’s hands, when you think of all that could have happened’ shared Roger.

From the 10th -13th October 2006 a group gathered near Brasov, Romania for training on the Adobe programmes. This was a first of its’ kind for us all. The Romanian’s came not knowing what to expect and how much they would benefit, while the Swiss came not sure of what it would be like in Romania, along with having to teach in English. The benefits for both outweighed the concerns by far!

Haeme from Switzerland, had the goal to give the trainees in Romania, the competency to make good Christian books to promote the Word and see God glorified. The days were full with much to learn and the Romanian’s took every opportunity to learn as much as possible. It came as a great encouragement to the Swiss to see the people asking more questions making sure they understood and had written down what they had just heard before even thinking of breaking for coffee. Roger from Switzerland shared ‘Their warm heartedness and hunger to learn was the first thing I noticed. The training was very moving, because in Switzerland you never see so much attentiveness on the part of the trainees’.

Daniella from Agape Publishing felt the time was too short, but very useful. ‘I learnt a lot of important techniques from Adobe which I can use in my work. I really needed this and realised it was a big blessing for all of us, to have so many professional people who showed us what we needed to improve our knowledge, to be more useful in our work’.

We divided the group in order to make the most of our time and people’s learning needs. This worked really well and people came away from the time together feeling like they had learnt so much but looking to future training.

Daniel from Life publishing gave the Swiss the following verse, Prov 11:24. He felt they had given freely and generously to those that participated, and that God would see increase from what they had given. This was such an encouragement to us all.

But it was not only about Adobe training. The weather was so good that we decided to move one afternoon session, to the evening and went up the mountains to Bojana, as a group. Jane from Switzerland said ‘It was great to get to know the different people here, and also see the surroundings helping us to understand a little of the culture’. Relationship building takes time, but is so valuable, and is especially esteemed in Eastern Europe. said Phillip from Cluj, Romania.

It was a great time together and we all learned a lot. Now we are looking to next year and what we could do together. Peter said ‘I am thankful for all the people here in Romanian, the wonderful hospitality and food with OM Romania, and what God has allowed me to be a part of in these days here’. The fruit of our adventure together is yet to be seen, but we have enjoyed much already in our week of training.