Bulgarian Outreach May 2008 Print

Galeton Church Outreach to Veliko Turnovo region, Bulgaria

May 2008-06-02


It was encouraging to work with another group from the Galeton Church USA, as they came to the Veliko Turnovo region in Bulgaria, to do kids clubs with a CEF worker. The balance of young and older in the group always is valuable, and the puppet ministry which they brought to the children, shared clearly the loving Father that is seeking to find his children. Each day saw the group divided into two teams of 4-5 people with a translator, heading to a kids club, sharing and then having a short time to play or talk with the kids before heading onto the next club. These are clubs which the CEF worker visits regularly, and so for the kids to have puppets and foreigners was exciting. Brenda shared ‘the worst thing about this trip was that we could not hit every club and work with every child for more than 20-30 minutes, or 50 at the most. But the greatest thing about my time, was that I got the chance to come over and do this’.

The evenings were varied with church meetings, youth meetings or simply eating, relaxing, walking or a bit of sightseeing. ‘The youth meeting was one of my favourite things on this outreach. To see people close to me in age and to hear their testimonies and what they are up to in Bulgaria was so encouraging’ said Megan beaming.

 The days were full of adventure, not only with Rick’s driving from place to place, but with the variety of orphan clubs, village clubs, church meetings and catching a bite to eat from the street stands. It really gave a good overview of a cross section of life in Bulgaria. ‘It was truly a great outreach and we had a wonderful time, along with incredible opportunities to preach the gospel, which is really what we came for. We got to minister in 47 kids club and take part in a number of church meetings too. It really was awesome’ explained Pastor Gibb.

Of course the incredible thing is not what was done in a physical realm, but what God did in each heart. For Randy ‘It really opened my eyes to what is out there and what I can do to serve the Lord’. For the children it was special to have visitors hearing regularly the gospel, and our prayer is that these seeds sown, along with all the great work CEF is involved in, will bring fruit. For Ulrike it was busy, but nice to have others to help her in the work for a short time. She thought maybe the ten days could be extended by another week when the next group comes.

It was clear to all that even though sightseeing was nice, meeting the kids and sharing with the puppets was the best. ‘I feel very privileged to have gone on this trip’. It was a great time had by all, full of learning, fun and growth in our lives, for which we are thankful to God. Please continue to pray with us for fruit and growth from all the seeds planted.


Rick Iles