Czech Report 2008 Print

Dare to Connect Report – Czech 5-6 May 2008

Dare to Connect was the theme given to the first training conference which LINKS put on in Prague-Czech, from 5th-6th May 2008. Around 15 participants representing 9 Publishing Houses attended.

Image Rick Iles opened the time with teaching on the importance of Networking. For most it was things they knew, but ‘it brought to many of us the need for better co-operation. It was definitely the best first step for us to deepen our co-operation, so thanks again’ shared one person.

ImageWe were thankful to have teaching from Ken Stephens, former CEO of ‘B and H’ publishing house, who brought to us information on developing national authors and how to build long term relationships with like-minded publishing houses from outside your nation. ‘To have a guideline for authors on our websites, was just one of many practical ideas which helped me during these training days’ commented one publisher.

Bob Clark from ‘Cook International’ was a great help in teaching about who our customers are and then how we get to know and keep our customers. It was good to have some input from the marketing perspective. ‘For me it was helpful to have Bob’s teaching on customers and how to communicate better with them’ shared one participant ‘as it will help get more books out into the hands of people’.

ImageEven though the time together was short, it was a good start and they have decided to come together in the autumn as publishers, to talk over certain standards in translation, along with simply having time together building on relationships.  They have requested we come again next year to bring more training and have suggested topics such as editing and editorial planning, communicating between publishers and distributors, on-line books, marketing and more.

ImageAs I evaluate the time together in Czech, what the nationals have commented seems to say it all and so I shall leave you with their words...‘I liked the conference because we are kind of pioneering here. The idea of cooperation came through and I am very thankful that this idea came from outside. I think that all the participants enjoyed the time. For myself I learnt very important practical things which I can use in my own life at work as the leading editor of a publishing house. But it was not only the training that was important, meeting people and finding new contacts was very helpful. I think that we as Christians in the Czech Republic need to cooperate to do more to reach this nation. This conference was within this vision which is close to my heart and I am thankful for the organisers and sponsors for doing this for us’.

‘I am very glad that I came because I met many people which I have not met before and built relationships which will help in the future. I was glad that we had very good and open discussions while together, because it will help us to prepare more joint projects together in the future, bringing a stronger front.

Rick Iles